Scratching Records, Making Comics- SNP Ep. 97

We talk with Curtis “Specks” Thompson about world-building and adding details to excite readers such as music, familiar locations remixed, and much more! 

Scratching Records

Curtis is not only a comic creator but a DJ! So when he isn’t writing his comics he is scratching records. He actually adds this part of his life in his comics. We actually talk about adding details to excite readers such as music.

Making Comics

Like I said before Curtis makes comics when he isn’t Djing. We discussed one topic during Ep. 97 and that was world-building. We are huge on world-building ourselves so when he wanted to talk about that we definitely jumped on that topic with excitement. Adding easter eggs here and there, even adding locations that are familiar to others, and finally adding music that might connect with others would help grow a connection between the reader, you the creator, and the story itself!

To watch Ep. 97 then click above, or to listen to this podcast click here!

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