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Full-Service Kickstarter Campaign Management


Goal Setting


Goal setting is more than just throwing a number at a wall to see if it’ll stick and work. There is a process to figure out the proper goal. Lots of math.

Crowdfunding Story Content


Your campaign page needs as little white space as possible so we will fill the campaign story with intriguing content that relates to the campaign, such as:

  • graphics for headings
  • reward graphics
  • and more.

Campaign Planning


The campaign planning should start months ahead of launch. We will help you figure out:

  • reward tiers
  • stretch goals
  • backer goals
  • marketing strategy
  • launch date

Content Scheduling


Posting every day does help, but you and the thousands of others want to be seen just as much as you. Scheduling can help with this.

Content Creation

Marketing Content

$150 per month

Keep your social network filled with content to keep them engaged before, during, and after launching your crowdfunding campaign.

Meme Creation


Memes…all of the memes.

Kickstarter Video Creation


Some say a video helps a campaign and some say it doesn’t. Well if your video catches the attention of a potential backer then it does its job.

Campaign Manager

Content Curation & Scheduling


Doing content curation will help us with how you want to build out the campaign page and choosing a theme.

Backer Rapport


We will take care of your backer report and message each backer you get to thank you them for helping.

Campaign Updates


We will provide the campaign updates for your campaign.

Continued Content Creation


We will create content continuously such as memes and other post types until the end of the campaign.


Fulfillment Support


Packaging unavailable at the moment, but other support such as reward surveys, and providing you with a printer and such we can help you with.

Backer Rapport


We will go through your backer report to create surveys that match the campaign so rewards can be sent.

Additional Services

Facebook Ads


Ads that will be used on Facebook and/or Instagram to target potential backers.

YouTube Ads


We will go through your backer report to create surveys that match the campaign so rewards can be sent.

Backer Fulfillment


Temporarily unavailable for packaging services

* Basic video production available. For more detailed video creation, upfront costs may be requested.

  • You may also request these services individually or have portions bundled together at your discretion.
  • Additional services are a separate charge
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