About - SeerNova Comics

Greg Moquin

Comic Book Publisher Owner

I’m a 29-year-old, writer and Chief Visionary Officer of SeerNova Comics LLC. I wrote a story that later blossomed into a full-blown comic book creating and publishing company. I have always had a deep passion for writing and loved the superhero genre as a whole. I am pushing forward to learn marketing, how to run a business, as well as the comic book industry. I’m hoping SeerNova Comics opens doors for not only myself but the artists, writers, and everyone behind the scenes.

Dillon Mysliwiec

Comic Book Company Manager

I am a 29-year-old serial entrepreneur. Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of SeerNova Comics LLC as well as Owner of Artistic Development and Design. My specialties are in marketing, business, web design and development, as well as graphic design. My focus is on the building of our website and membership platform.