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Specific Work

Concept Art - The Seer Chronicles - Drew Schneider

Concept Art

[Starting Point]

Need a concept or two for a character? We got you.

The Seer Chronicles - Issue 2 - Cover Art - Inked and Colored

Cover Artist

[Starting Point]

Covers pull in readers, well those that see it at least. Be seen!

General Work

Photoshop - Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

$35 per hour

Not everyone can design fancy graphics, we understand. We are willing to help with that.

After Effects - Animator


$150 per min

Animation can add that extra spark to your creation. (Price is by the length of video produced)

Premiere Pro - Video Editing

Video Editor

$150 per min

Have podcasts or videos you don’t want to edit? We can take those over for you. (Price is by the length of video produced)

Audition - Voice Over

Voice Actor

$60 per min

Need to add voiceover work to your project? (Price is by the length of vocal recording)

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