Not Enough Bananas-SNP-Ep. 93

We returned to the New Year with our first new episode of our SeerNova Podcast after using basically last year to create some new content with other podcasts and video series in which some came and went. Just like the topic for this article and our podcast episode, there were not enough bananas for all these monkeys, or in our case, there was not enough time for us to keep churning out all of the content we were creating while we were producing other work like comics and working on the business.

NFTS and how indie creators can use them to their advantage

However, that isn’t what we are talking about today. No, today we are discussing episode 93 of our podcast with our guest Todd Mulrooney who has an NFT username of MetaNFTS. We had Todd on our 5th episode, yes about 2 years ago he was our 5th guest! We talked about NFTS. Todd had a ton of knowledge about them from creating them to just general knowledge on how they work. This was a pretty solid episode because I have slightly glanced at posts from Gary Vaynerchuk and others getting involved in the NFT space, but I wasn’t fully invested in the whole thing because I just didn’t take that much time learning.

What I learned

I learned quite a lot during this episode. Some of those things are Solana Blockchain, crypto orbs, and other destinations to go through for your NFTS.

Todd and Dillon opened my eyes while the 3 of us dropped multiple nuggets. I definitely came out of this episode with a better-educated grasp on the whole NFT thing. I even threw out a few suggestions indie creators and artists can do with NFTS.

To learn more about this episode watch the video above listen here: Listen to EP 93 HERE!

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