Be Familiar, but Unique- SNP Ep. 98

In Ep. 98 of our SeerNova Podcast we talked with Tom Rasch about a ton of geeky topics. We hit on a few big knowledge nuggets. One in particular was to be familiar, but unique. What do I mean by that? Well, I’ll explain.

Be Familiar

I said before we chatted about a ton of geeky topics. One was to be familiar with your storytelling. The famous quote by Picasso states, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” We aren’t encouraging you to steal another person’s work. However, if you let the audience you are targeting be familiar with your story you can get a better reaction. For example, our upcoming comic Mittens was described to me by the artist J.R. Harris as a mix of The Mandalorian and Guardians of the Galaxy. Not only is that a HUGE compliment, but now when we are running the Kickstarter I can focus on those selling points and bring in an audience!

Be Unique

This leads us to my next point and that is to be unique! Though if you are too unique you will end up shooting yourself in the foot! Paraphrasing from Tom, “You can totally make a slice of life story or one shot comic, but don’t be too unique because you’ll end up being TOO unique and it won’t work out in the grand scheme of things.” So, be unique, but add in elements that people can relate to. We talked about how Star Wars did this. Like the Jedi are basically space samurai set in a space western.

To watch this Ep. 98 click above or click here to listen to it now!

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