Let’s Get Critical-SNP Ep. 96

In Ep 96 of our SeerNova Podcast, we get critical when we talk to Chris Sahloff about DnD, superheroes, and much more!

Let’s Get Critical

If you’re a fan of Dungeons and Dragons and superheroes then Crit will be right up your alley! We talked to Chris about how the creation of Crit came to be and where he is planning on going with the story. I did ask if it is an ongoing series and he did say it will have an ending.

All Good Things Must Come To An End

I believe every well-written story should have an ending. Seriously, if you don’t know your ending yet for your comic or story you should have that figured out in the outline stage. If you haven’t figured it out yet, well better think of that because honestly, all good things must come to an end. You don’t want to drag out a story to the point of jumping the shark.

Real Decisions During Roleplaying

Chris told us that the characters in Crit all the characters are based on his friends playing the roleplaying campaign with him. They make real decisions during roleplaying too. Like they won’t make their character do something so idiotic if they wouldn’t do such a thing in reality. I think that is pretty cool. One key moment that popped up was about the character Boulder. The guy behind the character is actually religious and the others actually said he should say a prayer before they go into a huge battle because that is something he’d actually do. I thought that was pretty awesome because it creates a connection between the characters and reality at the same time.

To watch the podcast click above, if you want to listen to it click here!

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