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Icepick 4

Posted on: 02 Sep 2021

Chapter 4 Summary

As Icepick, Annabelle, and Luke are confronted by Mordred. All hell breaks loose as Icepick wages war on Mordred to put an end to his tyranny. Once Mordred grabs Icepick and starts to remove his soul, Annabelle cries out and Phreak is told to step in and shut her up. As Phreak is handling Annabelle her powers emerge in a most spectacular way, blasting Phreak’s hand off and finally destroying him. After Mordred sees this, his interests turn to her. He throws Icepick aside and gets a closer look at Annabelle. In her imminent doom, a figure descends from the heavens to dispose of Mordred and to set things straight. Who is this mysterious man? What’s his purpose? Find out in the exciting conclusion of Icepick!

Icepick Issue 3

Posted on: 19 Sep 2020

Chapter 3 – Overview
Chapter 3 continues shortly after Icepick finished off all the henchmen. He again runs
into Phreak and soon realizes that Phreak has his own powers which enable him to restrain
Icepick. Under Mordrid’s orders, Phreak takes Icepick to Mordrid’s office to reveal who Icepick
really is and why he is after Icepick. Icepick learns about his parents, his past, and his
relationship with Phreak. We end the chapter with Mordrid revealing Icepick’s real face and name
which leaves Annabelle in shock learning that her fiancé is alive.

Icepick Issue 2

Posted on: 19 Sep 2020

Chapter 2 picks up with Luke and Annabelle in the back of a police car heading to meet someone quite unexpectedly.


Posted on: 19 Sep 2020

Chapter 1 starts out months after the attempted murder of Icepick, and the murder of his parents. Icepick is hellbent on revenge.

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