Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this page to find quick answers to our most frequently asked questions about SeerNova Comics, our platform, and more.

What is SeerNova Comics?

SeerNova Comics is a small independent comic book publishing company started in August of 2017

What is the SeerNova Comics Platform?

The SeerNova Comics Platform is this website you’re on now. This site has a collection of creator-owned and SeerNova Comics’ published comic books from creators around the world. Additionally, there is a merchandise store to support independent creators, podcasts, and more for fans of comics.

Are comic books free to read on this platform?

Yes! The majority of comic books on our website are entirely free to read. We’re looking to get more readers’ eyes on the incredible comics the indie comic book world has to offer. To do so, we’ve created a free membership account where you can get access to 100+ (and growing) free independent comic books, digitally.

How can I support SeerNova Comics and the creators involved on the platform?

We’re glad you asked! SeerNova Comics has built a “Patreon-Esque” style platform that allows users to sign-up for a monthly subscription for just $4.99 (Seer Supporter) or $9.99 (Premium Member) per month. For the cost of a single comic book—or a lunch dining out—you can support the platform and community and help it grow.

How do paid memberships support independent creators?

Well, all monies acquired through the membership programs are split between the platform and the creators who qualify as contributors. 20% goes towards advertising and growing the platform, another 20% goes towards platform improvements (such as better servers, plugins, and features), and the remaining 60% is split between the creators who’ve qualified as contributors.

Contributors are creators on our platform who are actively involved in the community and are helping the platform grow. We have a point system we created with our creators who agreed this was the best way to grow the platform and compensate those who help.

If our most frequently asked questions above do not cover your questions, please contact us and we’ll get back to you with an answer as quickly as possible.

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