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Tensions Rising

By: Morice Bridges

Over the last few months, crime has seemed crazier than ever. The crime syndicates around Seer City have ramped up for something big. As we saw recently with the failed arms deal at the docks between The Pavlovs and The Bochetti Brothers organizations. What I have been wondering is if there are other organizations that seem to have been lurking in the shadows. Like take the Finnegans, they seem to have been quiet the last few months which is very odd.

In the 50s Seer City had a long time of peace between the organized crime families and though we act as if they don’t exist they do provide us as citizens with worries and fears of what is to come.

The Finnegans showed up around the peacetime back then. After a power struggle, it seemed they backed off for many years, but at some point, the other shoe has to drop and what kind of rift will that cause throughout our city?

History Lesson: Benson Inc.

By: Darrell Simmons

If you didn’t notice there has been a major construction project in Downtown Seer City over the last year and a half. If you were unaware it is the future home of Benson Inc. In just a few days it will be open!

What exactly is Benson Inc.?

Well, back in the 1940s Nicholas Benson SR. started a small company that focused on new innovations. It was created as a think tank for creatives and scientists to bring innovation to Whitmire and more. However, after the creation of the microwave in 1968 Benson died not long after and his heir Nicholas Benson JR took his place.

His son pivoted the company to something he cared much more about and that was clean energy. Benson Inc. is located in Orston which is one of the densest cities in Whitmire Benson wanted to help citizens save on their electricity while making it cleaner.

Benson Inc. in the 70s

Not much was known after he announced his project. Shortly after the project fell apart Benson JR died and left the company to his son Thomas Benson.

Present Day: Benson Inc.

The opening of Benson Inc. Tom promises new innovations and for his father’s clean energy project to finally come to fruition as he makes Seer City its new home for years to come!

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