I'm Val, Val'Del'Cufan is a passion project I've been working on seriously since 2012. Everything about me as a person can be found within each character of the story. Val'Del'Cufan is a Slice of Life,  Dark Comedy, Action Adventure with a hint of Sci-fi, a bucket of Fantasy, and a closet of Political Intrigue subplot. (Episodic Format) Summary: Several decades have passed in the UnderWorld since the Fal'cufan, under General Morana, started the war with the Demons in Lucifer's absence. Morana believed the only way to protect humans' souls was to eliminate every single demon in the realm... This war has become known as Yufs Gal'Del'Genos (The Great Demon Genocide). Now that Morana has been excommunicated and orders to kill on sight have been issued by her own kind, the Fal'cufan are in damage control with the remaining demons races who are fighting back. A war of immortals with no end in sight; And so the Fal'cufan High Council created the Special Operations Unit: Ambassadors 3rd Legion Division, a legion of knights made up of both allied Demons and Fal'cufan in order to resolve the war peacefully.

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