Creating a Legacy- SNP Ep. 100

Ep. 100 of our SeerNova Podcast (SNP) we talk about creating a legacy, page turns, and much more with returning guests!

Creating a Legacy

This is our 100th episode and we dove into how our podcast is a piece of the legacy we are creating on our journey with making comics and other content. Watch our listen on how we and our guests are looking to create

Page Turns and Favorite Comic Creation Steps

In part 3, we talked about the importance of page turns. It was mentioned how to use page turns the right way. Part 2, we dove deep into what comic creation steps each guest liked the most. If you’re unaware of what a page turn is let me clue you in. Page turns are meant for something extreme.

Sending a Message

A huge nugget of knowledge you’ll find in this massive episode is about sending a message in your creation. Cristian Aluas asks the panel of guests if you should send a message in your comics or not. The amount of discussion on this topic was crazy good!

To watch Part 1 watch above if you’d like to watch Parts 2 & 3 they are below! To Listen to each part click on the appropriate link for each episode part. Listen to Part 1 here!

Listen to Part 2 here!

Listen to Part 3 here!

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