Clearing the Cobwebs- SNP Ep. 101

In Ep. 101 of our SNP (SeerNova Podcast) we talk with Edwards Davis about clearing the cobwebs.

Clearing the Cobwebs

What do I mean when I say clearing the cobwebs? Well, Edward Davis mentioned this in this episode of our podcast. He mentioned the fact that sometimes as a writer he needs to get in the zone. I myself need to do the same thing. However, before getting into the zone to write or create something he clears his mind so he has room for his creative endeavors.

How to clear the mind

Ed stated that he goes for a good run, works out, or puts on some music to clear his mind. Ed and I have a similar thing in common just like I’m sure we do with other writers or creators. We put on some music to really get the creative juices flowing and in no time we are a writing machine.

To watch this episode click the video above! To listen to this episode click here!

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