Comic Creation in the Classroom-SNP Ep. 102

Comic Creation in the Classroom

In ep. 102 of our SNP (SeerNova Podcast) we talk with our guest Jeff Haas about comic creation in the classroom. Why do we talk about this? Well, Jeff is not only a comic creator but an English Teacher!

Jeff dives deep with his students on each step of the comic creation process! He teaches them the art of writing, lettering, coloring, etc!

Comics and Books

When he isn’t teaching his students how to create a comic he teaches them about different books. Some of the books we talked about in this episode are: Maus, Catcher and the Rye, Macbeth, Animal Farm, and more!

Like I said he teaches them comic creation because he is a comic creator himself! He has his own comic book titled: Malek. To purchase Malek you can click here.

To watch Ep. 102 click the video above!

To listen to this episode click here!

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