The One-Shot comic VS. A Comics Series-SNP Ep. 99

In Ep. 99 of our SeerNova Podcast, we talked with Chris Thomasma about a few different things. We talked about one-shot comics versus a comic series, multiverse in comics, religion in comics, and more.

The One-Shot Comic VS. A Comic Series

We talked to Chris about one-shot comics and why he likes releasing those over a full-blown comic series. Now I’m cool with doing either. I actually have a one-shot planned in the future. Chris though said to us, paraphrasing, “I just like putting out one-shot comics over a full comic series because I make them have a full beginning to end storyline in a shorter time span.” What he means by this is that indie creators usually put out like 1 to 2 comics a year and they sometimes release other comics and not just the one comic series people want to continue reading. Basically, it is just a time-saving method for him.


Another thing we chatted about was how Chris sorta has a multiverse, but what he does is nothing too extreme. Chris actually mentions that his multiverse in his comics is more of a “What If” situation or scenario when he uses his multiverse. We talked about how we don’t per se have a multiverse, but we do have another realm that characters must go through in some sort of way to enter our universe. It is sort of like heaven and hell, but we don’t have religion.

Religion in Comics

Something else we chatted about was religion in comics. We didn’t dive into the big 2 or anything just ours. Chris is religious so it only makes sense he includes religion in his comics at some point. He does this without oversaturating it throughout too. We went over the fact we actually don’t have religion in our comics. We talked about how not having religion in our comics makes writing scripts a bit more challenging. See we can’t say certain words due to the fact we don’t have religion.

Well, if you’d like to watch Ep. 99 click the video above or listen here!

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