SeerNova News-SNP Ep.121

In episode 121 of our SeerNova Podcast (SNP) Dillon and I take time to update our audience about some new worldbuilding additions with a bunch of SeerNova News! We talk about the new short stories I’m writing, the plan for our INK series and more going forward, and our first-ever comic convention we are attending as a vendor!


We talked about our anticipated solo series INK. We released the first issue back in 2019 and after waiting for the right time with our art team and other obstacles we are finally releasing issue 2 on Kickstarter which launches on March 6! You can actually click here to get notified when we launch!

INK is about a tattoo artist named Shane Murphy with a burdened destiny to be the gatekeeper of the realm. One fateful day after having nightmares of his destiny he is visited by a mysterious man. During the visit, the man transfers his powers to Shane. However, Shane has a big decision to take on because after the power transfer, he is given only 72 hours to accept his destiny or he dies and with that, the realm could be destroyed.

What is INK 2 about?

Glad ya asked! It has been 3 years since Shane has been home in the Town of Ballston. A lot has changed since he left. He was at MT. Kanmon which we will get to later on…don’t worry. Shane returns because he finished his training and soon finds out an evil threat known as The Faceless has infected his hometown while he is away. He now must take care of them before they make matters worse. Little does Shane know is they really want him because he holds the key to their true mission.

Short Stories

Another topic in Ep.121 was some additional worldbuilding I started, which involves creating short stories. We are going to have short stories to help tell the stories we can’t tell in the comics. These short stories will feature characters in our comics such as The Seer Chronicles, INK, Scales, and more!

Our Very First Convention

Though the episode runs for about 32 minutes we talked about quite a lot and another major piece of news was the first convention we are tabling at! SeerNova was invited to a brand new convention taking place on March 25th in Troy, New York. If you want tickets to attend the event click here!

If you enjoy DnD (dungeons and dragons) you’ll want to attend the event!

Listen to the episode here!

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