Superliminal Latency-SNP Ep 120 W/ Phoebe Xavier

We talk with Phoebe Xavier of 123Go Publications about her short story collection called Superliminal Latency and much more!

Superliminal Latency

Phoebe Xavier is a writer and creator of comics and short stories. Phoebe’s latest collection of short stories is called Superliminal Latency which can be found on Indyplanet.

This should be the case because you need to have a connection quickly with the reader because, in a few pages, the story could be over on a whim. I read the story dinnertime and Dillon read Targeted Adverts and Trainwreck. These stories hook you pretty quickly with an Adams Family deadpan kind of style. What do I mean by that?


In the story dinnertime Timmy is told to go out to get his sister Lindsey because dinner will be ready shortly. Timmy only really cares the whole time if he is going to miss an episode or 2 of The Simpsons. Seriously, he could care less about his sister or her well-being. In the end, he meets his demise after losing his sister through some bushes.

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