Imposter Syndrome- SNP Ep 114 W/ Brewgooders

Show Notes

In Ep 114 of our SeerNova Podcast (SNP) we talk with Geoff from The Brewgooders podcast. We talk about his current anthology called The Brewgooders which can be found on Kickstarter. We also go deep into imposter syndrome, QR codes, comic cons and breaking even, marketing a crowdfunding campaign, and more!

Imposter Syndrome

A lot of creators have imposter syndrome. I have to be honest I get it sometimes. It is only natural, but we talk about why it is a good thing while you shouldn’t always feel like an imposter. If you love what you are doing and always keep improving you should be able to turn yourself and teach others in some way or form to get out of the funk and level up as a whole.

To watch Ep 114 click above! To listen to Ep 114 click here!

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