Cryptids & Comedy- SNP Ep. 115 W/ Shaun Barbour

Show Notes

In ep 115 of our SeerNova Podcast (SNP) I talk with our guest Shaun Barbour. He had his hand in creating comics like Belial, Into the Darkness, and some upcoming comic books that are kid-friendly, creepypasta, and psychological horror. We talk about avenues for money to create comics, comic conventions, and more!

I Drive for Cerber

One of the topics discussed was Shaun’s upcoming cryptid comic series, I Drive for Cerber. He found it while researching on Reddit and asked permission to make the comic which he got! Kyrun Silva of Taurus Comics is the artist on the project as well!


Another topic of discussion was the comic series known as Belial that Shaun Barbour and Chuck Pineau created. If you want to support their latest Kickstarter for that hilarious comedy comic about the master/leader of Hell looking to get his throne back you can do so by clicking here!

To listen to Ep. 115 click here!

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