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SeerNova Podcast

  • Be Familiar, but Unique- SNP Ep. 98

    In Ep. 98 of our SeerNova Podcast we talked with Tom Rasch about a ton of geeky topics. We hit on a few big knowledge nuggets. One in particular was […]

  • Scratching Records, Making Comics- SNP Ep. 97

    We talk with Curtis “Specks” Thompson about world-building and adding details to excite readers such as music, familiar locations remixed, and much more!  Scratching Records Curtis is not only a […]

  • Let’s Get Critical-SNP Ep. 96

    In Ep 96 of our SeerNova Podcast, we get critical when we talk to Chris Sahloff about DnD, superheroes, and much more! Let’s Get Critical If you’re a fan of […]

  • Peacemaker and Star Wars- SNP Ep. 96- Unreleased

    Peacemaker & Star Wars- SNP Ep. 96- Unreleased

  • You Become What You Think About-SNP Ep. 95

    In episode 95 of our SeerNova Podcast, we had on the sci-fi comic writer and musician, Timothy Fling. You may be wondering why I mentioned musician in here. Don’t worry […]

  • Into the Rabbit Hole – SNP Ep. 94

    In episode 94 of SNP (SeerNova Podcast) we talked to Demetrius Witherspoon about going down the rabbit hole. What do I mean when I say doing down the rabbit hole? […]

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