You Become What You Think About-SNP Ep. 95

In episode 95 of our SeerNova Podcast, we had on the sci-fi comic writer and musician, Timothy Fling. You may be wondering why I mentioned musician in here. Don’t worry I’ll get to that.

Music in Comics

I mentioned Timothy is a musician because we talk about adding little extras to projects. When you add extras to a project it should excite a fan or backer. Timothy does this with music. In his recent funded crowdfunded campaign on Kickstarter, he had theme songs created for his Lost At Sea comic. One song is titled, “Robot Blues” because the story is a sci-fi story and the main protagonist is a robot. See so it makes sense. Don’t just add something that doesn’t really fit your project because backers/fans can see your authenticity.

The Compound Effect

There is a book titled, “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. Dillon mentions this book and something interesting in the book. He says, “The horse that wins 1st place wins gets 10 times the second-place horse.” He says this because the horse doesn’t win by 10 times the distance just by the nose. Dillon mentions this because if you work a little bit harder and a bit harder it’ll build yourself up to that 1% growth. So, try to do that little bit extra and you’ll come out on top in the end.

You become what you think about

Back to the topic at hand. We titled episode 95 this because it is the truth. If you think about what you want to become you’ll eventually see it through. Say you keep thinking about wanting to be a top musician or a big comic creator you will have that in mind. Eventually, you’ll become that because you’ll be thinking of ways to get there. Mindset is the key!

If you want to learn more about this episode you can watch it above or click here to listen to it!

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