Stop Overthinking.

I know I haven’t written a blog post in a few months. Well due to the holidays, giveaways I got involved in (Halloween Giveaway & Seermas) I just put it off. I’m going to try posting at least once a week starting today. Alright, hope you all had a great holiday and New Year. Before we get into this just would like to mention to those that are confused about our podcast (SNC Podcast) it is still alive, but we had to put it on the back burner to launch our subscription service. Anyways let’s dive in.

Just Stop It.

Overthinking, it happens. I personally overthink situations ALL THE TIME. Dillon (other half of SeerNova Comics LLC & owner of ADD) has told me countless times when going over plans, ideas, or anything else business related or when it comes to answering questions I overthink way too much. I am going to make it a habit to stop. If you overthink things as well then just stop it. You waste your time (personally I HATE wasting my time). Instead of wasting your time overthinking you could have gotten more done, but yet you are sitting there with a blank look on your face thinking and thinking when  you could just say you have no clue and ask for help on the matter at hand. So, just stop it.

Wasted Time=Wasted Energy

While wasting your time away thinking super hard of a solution to a problem or trying to a think of an idea by overthinking you waste valuable energy and thinking power for something later on and then you become drained.

Putting An End To Overthinking

Make it a habit. Habits not only are bad, but they can be good. Case in point a bad habit is eating and not exercising and becoming obese then needing one of those scooters to cart yourself around and your midnight snack turns into a whole chocolate cake. A good habit is well taking control of the situation and slowly building up the courage to overcome a bad habit. So, if you are once obese and trying to overcome it you slowly stop eating terrible and then start exercising. After awhile it starts to become a habit to eat better and live a better life. Do this, but with overthinking. First step become aware you overthink to the point it is exhausting. Next step just stop. Over time you will do so as long as you make it a habit to stop of course.

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