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How to form a comic book company

Hello to those reading in the comfort of their own homes/ coffee shops/ or even at work, it’s Greg again. I’m going to explain to you that there’s help for anyone or anything you just have to ask specifically. I’m speaking about forming a comic book company which then will lead to finding artists through social media and other online sources.In the how to start a comic book company post about finding Dillon, the first person to stick with me on this crusade for creating the company I have envisioned. After I found him through an ad I posted looking for artists he happened to be able to do all sorts of things like graphic design, website building, etc.
SeerNova Comics Logo
Our logo that Dillon made.

The Search Begins

We searched for artists as we had a run in with a few that weren’t so loyal. Loyalty and motivation became important as it’s another huge key factor. The next person in our team is Troy. I went on random blogs to post I am looking for artists and writers. Troy had the same energy Dillon and I have for all of this. As a result these two being a huge help along with the few artists and writers it’s exciting to see my crusade take off and the forming of a comic book company. To think it all started with one night wanting to take a stab at writing a story and it bloomed into all of this.

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