Dead City Comic Review

Dead City Comic

I was contacted yesterday on Instagram by the writer of the Dead City Comic to download it for FREE on their website. After I download the comic he wanted me to read it and review the comic so here we are!
So, I go to download it on my phone because that’s what I was talking on originally and well it wasn’t loading completely so it could’ve been my phone having connectivity issues, but if not you guys should double check on if it is mobile friendly. Alright, I went on their website on my laptop and read it after closing my other tabs, my laptop is quite of a piece of shit. The story…is freaking amazing and it is only the first issue! I don’t want to give that much away because I want others to read it, but it’s very good storytelling. I like the narration and how it jumps to years later to get some of the backstory in for readers, kudos to the writer! As you can see I liked the storytelling now what about the art you’re asking yourself? Well…I’m no artist, but when I see amazing art and pure talent I’m definitely going to mention it! I liked everything about this comic, minus the connectivity with the internet, but again could’ve just been my phone. The lettering to the art style to the amazing storytelling, just wow!  Make sure to go check out Dead City Comic you definitely will be in for a real treat!
Visit their website here!

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