How to create a comic book company

How to create a comic book company

Do you have a comic book idea(s) and are a writer, but can’t draw for the life of you? Or can you draw, but storytelling isn’t in your DNA? This is the PERFECT blog for you then! I am going to go over how to create a comic book company. So, let’s get started then shall we?

The Writer/Artist Dilemma

So, you’re a writer and have either written a comic script or two, but you are stuck because to create a comic book you need that special thing called art. Well, to get artwork for your comic(s) ask friends. If your friends just want to stomp on your dreams then well maybe you need to get better friends (just kidding or am I?) You can use Fiverr   to find an artist which is good if you want to pay in $5 dollar increments. If not that then you could ask on craigslist which I did or look into indie comic Facebook groups for artists which I also did as well. Artists follow the same instructions in finding a writer as well!

Get an LLC

To become a legitimate company you’re going to need to get an LLC which is costly, ours was almost $1200. So, before getting the LLC I suggest doing a few lemonade stands or grinding hard by flipping free curb alert items on eBay, amazon, Facebook, or even on craigslist.

The Finishing Touches

So, you got a comic script or two and some art as well as an LLC possibly. The finishing touches is what you need now and you’re golden. To get your name out there you’re going to need a website of some kind and some marketing which we are here for you on that account. We can help promote and market you and our CTO/co founder Dillon has a personal site where he does this on the side actually! To contact him go here.

There you got a comic book company! Congrats! To see more blog posts about this and sign up for The Indie Revolution sign up here!


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