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Being Consistent- SNP Ep. 105 Unreleased

Being Consistent In this unreleased section of Ep. 105, we talk with Michael Watson about being consistent in all aspects of comic creation. One is world-building. Many creators don’t believe in taking the extra step when creating their comics. We however don’t believe that. We go for quality over quantity. Dillon showed off a couple...

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The Seer Chronicles: Family Matters

In issue 2 of The Seer Chronicles, John Benson wakes up in an unfamiliar place while a deal goes down constructed by the organized crime organizations of Seer City.

YoFoe 3

A group of high school teenagers fights against an alien threat known as Y.O Foe! will this band of mischief teens overcome their personal issues and save the world? ZOMBIE bashing, SPACESHIP crashing, and ACTION packed! Join this Alien/Zombie adventure that doesn’t take itself as seriously, unlike most in its genre.

Inspired by Scott Pilgrim Vs the World and the Persona series.

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