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Roadkill Rampage 3

We pick up in Issue #3 after Tess encounters Aaron along the road while trying to make her way out of the forest.

Roadkill Rampage 2

The grindhouse, horror saga continues as Tess finds a whole new set of problems right around the bend.

Zenith Knights Issue 4

The Knights are the world’s premiere superhero organization defending it from the dangers brought on from the ghostland event.
After having received a call from Rockstar’s estranged sister, our heroes make their way to what can only be described as a bloodbath. In the chaos they find a gravely injured Roguestar, but something else is there with them…waiting.

One Last Job 2

The hunt is on. Thomas Clayborne will stop at nothing to find out who took his wife, and why. In this action-packed sequel, we pick up right where we left off, and discover that this web of chaos goes deeper than anyone could have imagined.

One Last Job

Thomas Clayborne is fast-tracking his own retirement. As one of the most gifted agents in the field, he has seen enough bloodshed to haunt him for the rest of his life.

Icepick 2

Chapter 2 – Luke and Annabelle in the back of police car heading to meet someone quite unexpected. After the explosive battle with Phreak.

Icepick 1

Months after the attempted murder of Icepick, and the murder of his parents. Icepick is hellbent on revenge.

Roadkill Rampage 1

Roadkill Ramage is a mature, horror narrative following the journey of Ace and Tess a young couple taking a drive out to the country. Things take a turn for the worse along the way and the term, wildlife, takes on new meaning as the animals come back to seek revenge for Ace’s despicable actions. Along the way Tess finds that she has new strength with the help of her friends.

Status Shot: Sketchout

The third chapter! In the lead up to our leads’ compulsory games, find out how they and the world itself deals with fate and routine


Can nightmares be real? John is plagued by a nightmare, a nightmare in the woods led by a mysterious woman. A Within the Woods story.

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