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The Seer Chronicles: Family Matters (Issue #2)


Product Details:

Title: The Seer Chronicles: Family Matters – Issue #2

Author: Greg Moquin

Illustrator: Dan Gorman

Colorist: Febri Ferdian

Letterer: Jerome Gagnon

Editor: Dillon Mysliwiec

Publisher: SeerNova Comics

Product Description:

Step into the thrilling continuation of “The Seer Chronicles” with Issue #2: “Family Matters.” This second installment by SeerNova Comics deepens the mystery and heightens the stakes, weaving together three gripping sub-plots that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Written by Greg Moquin, illustrated by Dan Gorman, colored by Febri Ferdian, and lettered by Jerome Gagnon, “Family Matters” delivers a visually stunning and narratively rich experience.

In Seer City, Detective Silva is drawn deeper into a web of danger and deception as he deals with his gambling addiction and crazy neighbor. His addiciton leads him to unexpected and perilous encounters, testing his resolve and morality.

Meanwhile, Mathew Harding, presumed dead, resurfaces with a broken moral compass. Scarred and transformed by the explosion, he seeks to claim his place in the city’s criminal underworld, driven by rage and a thirst for power.

At the same time, firefighter John Benson grapples with his newfound powers and the mystery behind his resurrection. Guided by the enigmatic Ryan Potts, John uncovers the sinister secrets of Psycorp and the true nature of his abilities.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Multi-layered Narrative: Three intertwining sub-plots create a rich and immersive story.
  • Stunning Artwork: Dan Gorman’s illustrations and Febri Ferdian’s vibrant colors bring Seer City to life.
  • Dynamic Characters: Deeply developed characters with evolving story arcs and hidden motives.
  • High Stakes: Intense action and suspense that will keep you hooked from start to finish.
  • Exclusive Indie Comic: A unique addition to your collection from SeerNova Comics.

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Grab your copy of “The Seer Chronicles: Family Matters – Issue #2” today and continue the journey through Seer City’s dark and dangerous world!


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