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Mittens: Space Pilot (Issue #1)


Product Details:

Title: Mittens: Space Pilot – Issue #1

Author: Greg Moquin

Illustrator and Letterer: J.R. Harris

Colorist: Alex Silverii

Editor: Jason Webb

Publisher: SeerNova Comics

Product Description:

Blast off into a whimsical and thrilling adventure with “Mittens: Space Pilot,” the first issue in an exciting 3-part series by SeerNova Comics. Crafted by Greg Moquin, with captivating illustrations and lettering by J.R. Harris, vibrant colors by Alex Silverii, and expertly edited by Jason Webb, this comic is a visual and narrative delight.

Join Mittens, the adventurous space pilot cat, as he returns to Planet Yarn only to be thrust into a daring mission. Tasked by the enigmatic Mr. Pawton, Mittens must steal a valuable item from the formidable Lord Peytonfeyteal of Planet Boneyard. With a hefty reward of 100 thousand bits on the line, Mittens faces perilous obstacles, thrilling space chases, and fierce dog guards.

Will Mittens outsmart his adversaries and secure the prized possession? Or will the dangers of space and the relentless pursuit of enemies prove too much for our fearless feline hero?

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Captivating Storyline: Follow Mittens’ daring heist and thrilling escapades across the galaxy.
  • Stunning Artwork: J.R. Harris’ illustrations and Alex Silverii’s colors bring the vibrant world of Mittens to life.
  • Charming Characters: Meet the charismatic and cunning Mittens, along with a host of intriguing characters.
  • High-Flying Action: From space battles to stealthy infiltrations, this comic is packed with excitement.
  • Exclusive Indie Comic: A unique addition to your collection from the imaginative minds at SeerNova Comics.

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Grab your copy of “Mittens: Space Pilot – Issue #1” today and embark on an intergalactic adventure with Mittens as he navigates the dangers and mysteries of space!


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