You're Going to Die: Do you!

You’re Going to Die

You’re Going to Die

Did I grab your attention? Good. Great. Grand. Wonderful! What I want to get through your head is the simple fact which is what I titled this post, You’re going to die someday. Are you either stuck in a rut, at a dead end job, or sick of people weighing you down with the weight of the world on your shoulders? I’m going to tell you a simple thing, stop worrying and just go do you!

Stop Worrying

Everyone has their own opinion we all know that. People argue it’s just part of life. Stop worrying about other people’s opinions about you or something you think or feel just worry about you. Is that selfish? Again, you’re doing it again! Stop worrying what people think or feel about you! Alright, great we’re getting somewhere.

Do You!

Why did I bring up and ask if you were stuck in a dead end job or just a rut? Well, I do know people need to pay their bills and provide for themselves and family. So, I’m not telling you to leave your dead end job…not yet anyway. Everyone has a purpose! So, do you!

Unlock Your Potential

You may like that dead end job so good for you, but unlock your potential! I can relate to being stuck in a rut myself. I’ve moved from job to job and I honestly can’t work for someone, but obviously I need money to pay my bills so I feel you. One night a few years ago I was bored sitting in my room with Everybody Loves Raymond reruns playing on my TV in the background as I stared into space. I picked up my laptop and opened up Microsoft word and started typing out of nowhere because I had a story that popped into my head and at that moment every worry, everything that was going wrong in my life suddenly vanished. Worry left me as I let this idea come to life when my fingers inked every idea that has popped in my head and let it form into a story.

What’s the Point?

What’s the point of everything I’m saying? You’re going to die. If you’re miserable in that dead end job then quit you can always get a new one, but obviously have some money saved! If you’re in a rut then learn…learn something new. Knowledge is power, instead of deteriorating on the potato chip crumbed sofa go on udemy, or literally go into google and figure out something new you’d like to learn, type that shit into google and boom start learning! Hell you might find a passion of yours hidden deep down you just have to do you and find it! So, stop worrying, live life, and go DO YOU!

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