What's Your Story?

What’s Your Story?


The Art of Storytelling.

Through the end of time stories have been a crucial part of the conversation. Everyone, EVERYONE loves a good story. If you’re sitting there reading this trying to prove me wrong well you can’t because it’s the honest truth. The art of storytelling is literally that, an art. Everyone has a story. Some are good, some are just plain bad, and some stories are worthy of awards. A good story consists of something the audience decides is interesting or important as well as keeping readers/listeners on their toes with plot twists, the build to the climax, and variables that push the story further.



Though people have many stories as do I. One story stays with me because it ties in with my passion, my passion for writing. So, hope ya got your popcorn and a drink because here…we….go.


The Story of Passion

It all started back in middle school for me, 7th grade English to be exact. The class was given a project to write a narrative story of 15 pages. The first thing that came to my mind and any person’s mind is, “What the hell am I going to write about for 15 pages?” Well, one night I started writing about a kid named Greg (Moi) and a few friends from school got locked inside a local mall. Okay I see I might be losing you right here…because who cares about kids being locked inside a mall? How about I add more detail? Alright, I and some friends are locked inside a local mall after closing hours, but there is a security guard that is an overnight mall cop that tries to kill us after they find out who he really is. Intrigued? Of course, you are.

The First 15 Pages

At the beginning of the project I was uncertain I could even write 15 pages, but a euphoria rushed over me and I was a writing machine! In no time I passed the 15-page mark and one day in lunch my friend Ryan who is part of my story as well found out I wrote more than 15 pages and he actually did as well. We then made it a competition to write as much as possible without compromising our story plots. So, for the next week or two we did just that and we then asked each other where we were in our stories and we were both nearing the end.

85 Pages Later…

We decided to tie with the competition and write 85 pages in our composition notebooks. While writing this story (which I am in the process of rewriting presently to self publish it) I was also writing song lyrics with Ryan for the band we never had, haha.

Flash Forward About 10 Years…

Flash forward about 10 years and I now am writing not only blog posts from time to time, but stories and expanding plots for my comic universe as well as writing for others on FIVERR.

Seriously though…

I really believe if it wasn’t for 7th grade English class and that project I wouldn’t be where I am today.


What is your story? What is your passion? Leave some feedback. Let’s create a conversation!

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