What is in the works

What is in the Works

Those following us or being part of our journey know we have a lot in the works. By the end of reading this you (the very awesome person giving time out of their day) will learn what is in the works at SeerNova Comics!


I’ve written a bunch of blogs slowly outlining “The Hub“. I wouldn’t keep mentioning it if I didn’t believe the concept for it wasn’t genius because it is. The HUB is where indie creators will go to to help one another. If you’re a writer and need an artist you will just come to The HUB and ask for an artist. They will have already signed up as an artist to get work. The artist then accepts the offer from said writer (obviously there’s a commission drop menu. You might be saying to yourself okay well this sounds just like Fiverr or Upwork so why do I chose The HUB? Well, The HUB is for indie comic creators or indie artists of any kind. We’re looking to shine the spotlight on the indie community and in doing so bringing the entire community together.

Subscription Service

We have a subscription service, but not until our comics roll out this year. The service is going to be for subscribers that can either read our digital comics along with listening to our SNC Podcast, exploring and interacting in our CITY MAP. This subscription service is a tier based system so there is a basic membership which you can only read our comics and listen to the podcast. The next step up you can read our comics, listen to the podcast, and enter our first major city Seer City in our CITY MAP. The third step in the service you can read our comics, listen to the podcast, explore the map, and you will be able to read other indie creators’s comics as well!


This is just part 1 of what we have in the works, to join the indie revolution click here. If you love reading these and want to learn more about us then click here.

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