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Today, January 13, 2018 we officially launch! This has literally been years in the making and we’re so excited to finally launch after all this time. Our CVO (Greg Moquin) started all of this from writing a 1000 page story which then edited it and revised the story, turning it into a full blown trilogy which is known as The Seer Chronicles. This is the main story of where it all began, well…that you know of. Today we are giving away a snip-it of The Seer Chronicles and YOU our awesome subscriber can choose what you’d like to pay for it as well as a few other cool bits of content you get on our site exclusively. Below you can see what else we offer today and as we progress through the year it will expand.

Our Content

This is pretty self explanatory, YOU get to choose what to pay for what we offer from FREE to whatever your heart desires. This is only a snip-it, we will have more for you so don’t you worry. After you finish reading you can explore our site which has a store that will grow as we continue our journey together. This blog that will have some news like for instance our launch, but for more news as well as updates on our content look in your email for our unique newsletter called: The Daily Journal.


Not only do you get our graphic novel and soon a few different solo series, a newsletter, and our growing web store. We have a bunch in the works as well like:

  • Our Unique Interactive City Map
  • Our Podcast(more on that later)
  • more items in our web store
  • and much, much more!

SO Stay tuned and thank you for being part of our journey!

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