Understanding Comics-Sebastian Chow-SNP Ep.110

Understanding Comics-Sebastian Chow-SNP Ep.110

Show Notes

In Ep.110 of our SeerNova Podcast (SNP) we talk to our guest Sebastian Chow about comics theory and the understanding of comics with honorable mentions of Scott McCloud, Will Eisner, Tommy Lee Edwards, and Marcos Mateu-Mestre.

Understanding Comics W/ Sebastian Chow

This episode was VERY educational! Sebastian Chow not only showed up as a guest but as an instructor for comics theory. Together we broke down a few things he wanted to teach such as subtext, contrast, and panel layout.


Sebastian goes over an example from Scott McCloud which is a woman in a comic panel who is on the phone and she says, “I’m so happy for you.” Now the use of subtext really is powerful when done correctly. Even an artist using their skills would create a powerful panel. Mr. Chow goes over subtext, contrast, and panel layout in much detail in this episode that is much better watched due to the examples he presents.

However, if you’d like to just listen to Ep.110 then click here. To watch it click the video above!

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