Transitions are on the way

The next few months are going to be very crucial for us…

A feeling has rushed over me this week. Over the next couple months are crucial in the direction of SeerNova Comics LLC. If you haven’t been following along we have been creating a video game that will be launching on Kickstarter HOPEFULLY August 9th of this year if the stars align the right way. However, we know obstacles do hinder us and others at times.

Progress on The Seer Chronicles Kickstarter

For example, our previous Kickstarter for The Seer Chronicles issues 1&2 has taken much longer than expected and that is due to obstacles which some could’ve been addressed in the beginning of production as well as a few that have occurred over almost the year of the Kickstarter launch. We wanted our issue 1 to be remastered so we knew it was going to be a challenge as it is 20 pages longer than the original and we also wanted issue 2 made first.

Obstacles to overcome

We didn’t however know our artist wasn’t a huge fan of drawing the superhero genre and that is fine, but wish we knew this from the beginning. Anyways, issue 2 is on the way to being finished up and issue 1 has been started. Also, our video game is launching on Kickstarter like I said earlier HOPEFULLY August 9th because we will not launch it until backers from our previous campaign have gotten their comics. We have made certain the deadlines for The Seer Chronicles from our artists working on them will be done before, but like I said previously there are obstacles that can occur.

These months are crucial because we need to focus on finishing our comics being worked on and transitioning into getting a last few things ready for the video game Kickstarter and even Chronicles of Horror Issue 2 as well. You can expect to see our newsletter at the end of every month!

Get notified about our video game when it goes live!

Speaking of our video game Kickstarter we got it accepted and we can share the promotion page link! To get notified when we launch click here!

So what transitions are on the way?

If you are part of our newsletter the above will look familiar as I wrote that in the latest email, but this next part is for those lucky and awesome people that hopped onto our blog. The transitions on the way are going to help us evolve as that is what we have been doing from the beginning.

Our Podcasts

Our podcasts aren’t going away, but we are going to be changing a few things with them. First off, all of our podcasts will be under one umbrella called SeerNova TV or SeerNova Radio depending on if you are listening or watching. I decided now is the time as we have been as of late pushing content out like crazy and if definitely isn’t going to stop. These changes will be happening over the next couple months little by little too. Secondly, we are introducing a new podcast or segment called S’mo Talk. That will feature creators on the platform to speak their mind on a topic in a long form video and/or audio format about one specific topic they are passionate about.

Our Newsletter

Due to the amount of work we are about to give ourselves with 2 Kickstarters and fulfilling the one before the start of those as well as working on a number of other projects I am doing a trial run with the release of our newsletter. It will now change from a weekly newsletter to a monthly newsletter. Our newsletter will come out the end of each month. If I enjoy doing it that way it might become a permanent thing.

The SeerNova Podcast

I have said the format of this podcast will be changing once we get to the end of the recorded episodes which are all prerecorded from last year during our virtual comic con. After those episodes wrap up in October we are closing out the year with episodes featuring creators from the platform ONLY. The SeerNova Podcast will feature episodes with Dillon and I only at times and sometimes there will be a guest here and there. We are always trying to improve and being able to put more time into other pieces of work will help us do just that.

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