Time to Adapt

Time to Adapt

Attention! Oh, are you paying attention over there? As you’re reading this you’re wondering where this is going. Creators of comics or creators in general need to learn that times are changing. Now it is much different, it is time to adapt with your audience. Instead of dropping your comic ideas into a bucket of unoriginal content you can storm the front lines; the front lines of creativity! To do this is simple now people like more flashy things like videos, video games, etc. There are many different options you can take to still create what you want, but also keep a reader’s attention. Some creators out there are bringing their comics to life almost like short clips or gifs which is awesome.

How we are Adapting

There’s a ton of content slowly making it’s way to this site, but one major piece of content is a full blown city map of the multiple cities within our universe that is completely interactive¬†and can be explored. So, in conclusion, know your audience, be original, but ADAPT.

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