The Indie Revolution

The Indie Revolution

There are many problems comic creators face when creating comics or even trying to start a comic book company. Let’s focus on one specific problem and that is there is no organized forum/discussion on the business in depth. The solution simply is find indie creators that are struggling, starting out, or looking to accomplish the same goal in the comic book industry to bring them all here. Together all independent creators can come here and discuss in an open forum about the industry as a whole, bounce ideas off each other. Together every creator can form The Indie Revolution.

How to Form the Revolution?

The answer is simply creating a hub for all indie creators to go to which we at SeerNova Comics are looking to create. We want to bring creators together to form a third anchor in the comic industry. There’s already Marvel and DC Comics as the two main companies everyone knows about. Then it goes down to Dark Horse, Valiant, and what not…forming this revolution we could become as great as Dark Horse or EVEN greater. All it takes is a little networking.


The hub will be where the indie creators (artists/writers,etc.) will go to discuss, create, and innovate their ideas. Creators can also choose to be part of our multiverse, but that will be discussed later in the future. First, the groundwork needs to be set. To do this we as a community need to come together to bring the revolution to the forefront.
We have started a gofundme to raise money to pay two of our artists to bring to your lovely faces two full length comics! You don’t need to donate, but it’d be much appreciated!

Want to read more and/or join The Indie Revolution sign up here!

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