The 66 Day Challenge: Day 1

The 66 Day Challenge

April 6, 2018 is the date today and it is the first date of this challenge. This challenge is to  help develop a habit and in this case for me (Greg-CVO) I am going to post one new piece of content on every platform we (SeerNova Comics) are a part of.

Day 1

So, I’m going to think of a piece of content/pic related to our company. Next, I will post a pic related to said content on our instagram. After that I will share the instagram post on facebook, twitter, reddit, Snapchat, and Pintrest.


A side note I’ve slacked on sharing our gofundme page so I will be doing that within this challenge as well. No need to donate, but it will be a huge help if you share and/or donate!

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