Taurus Comics presents its lightning wielding superhero comic XOB.


Chapter 1 starts out months after the attempted murder of Icepick, and the murder of his parents. Icepick is hellbent on revenge.

Shaman’s Destiny Issue 5

Malik and the group make their way to Elko, Nevada and the source of all shaman’s powers. They hope to find answers to all their questions…

Zenith Knights Issue 2

Successful on their mission, Double Date, managed to quell the rampage of a powerful newborn zenergist and make a new friend.

Zenith Knights

The Knights are the world’s premier superhero organization defending it from the dangers brought on from the Ghostland event.

Adventures of Dartman

The creator Richard Irving and owner and creator of Irvrat Comics bring you into a superhero comic known as The Adventures of Dartman.

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