Planning, Feelings, and Struggles: Kickstarter

Planning, Feelings, and Struggles: There are two types of creators when launching a Kickstarter. The 1st type is they come out of nowhere and say to their audience, “Go back my Kickstarter!” The problem is…they never announced they were launching a Kickstarter in the first place. Not only is their audience confused, but that creator… continue reading »

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Top Indie Comic Kickstarter Campaigns

Top Indie Comic Kickstarter Campaigns Hello everybody, yes it’s been about a week or so since I’ve written a blog, but here I am! Today we are going to go over the top indie comic Kickstarter campaigns. Alright, let’s jump into it! Most Backed Kickstarters (US) First up we have Code Monkey Save World which can… continue reading »

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Kickstarter Script

We are SeerNova Comics It has been a year since we’ve filed the paperwork to become SeerNova Comics LLC. In just one year’s time we have developed many ideas as well as connections with amazing indie creators. We have written and are finally releasing our graphic novel’s first full length comic. The Indie Revolution We… continue reading »

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