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The Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney

The Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney Vol 3

In the pulse-pounding climax, Lord Harwood’s group confronts the true cause behind his being framed for murder. But even with the able assistance of his allies, can the stalwart (if somewhat shameless) adventurer handle both beauty and the beast without losing his life?

The Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney Vol 2

Out to help prove the innocence of her first reporting subject, Lady Beowulf Harwood, columnist Henrietta Tilney falls victim to a near-fatal assault by a ferocious beast. Recovering, she accompanies Harwood and his associate, Dr. Charles Plum, to the mansion where Harwood claims he was framed for murder. As they search, Miss Tilney spots someone watching them, but is the spy truly the greatest danger on the manor grounds?

Heavens 2 Be Decoded

A guidebook for Cyfer Comics’ upcoming graphic novel series Heavens Decoded.

Crossers Gate 2

Issue 2 of my illustrator takes you deeper into the crazy story known as Crossers Gate.

Crossers Gate

Hello everyone! Crossers Gate is my illustrator’s own personal story that he made himself and I decided to help publish it because I think people will love this series.

Dusk 2

Eve is still in a trap of her own devising. She tries to find her place in a horrid supernatural world that does not want her. She thinks she loves a vampire and is definitely addicted to the power of his blood. She encounters everything from Zombies to Demons and the morality of her life is always murky at best.
Dusk continues to explore the dark recesses of the Vampire mythos, mining out a hauntingly entertaining read. Come join in Eve’s continuing journey of damnation and possible redemption.

Peter Pan The Vampire

Meet Peter Pan the Vampire through the experiences of a young vampire slayer named Gwyen as she discovers a whole world of fairy tales.

Icepick Issue 3

Chapter 3 – Overview
Chapter 3 continues shortly after Icepick finished off all the henchmen. He again runs
into Phreak and soon realizes that Phreak has his own powers which enable him to restrain
Icepick. Under Mordrid’s orders, Phreak takes Icepick to Mordrid’s office to reveal who Icepick
really is and why he is after Icepick. Icepick learns about his parents, his past, and his
relationship with Phreak. We end the chapter with Mordrid revealing Icepick’s real face and name
which leaves Annabelle in shock learning that her fiancé is alive.

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