Deadgene 1

Two-time travelers from the end of the world travel back to the year of 2150 AC in order to stop the DG program from creating the first group of genetically modified humans that will eventually lead to the end of the human race.

In this story, that group is just a group of children who are kept captive, these kids are mostly innocent, but that won’t stop our main characters Jet, and Stasis from trying to kill them.

Inspired by Cowboy Bebop and the X-Men.

Adventures of Dartman 3

The creator Richard Irving and owner and creator of Irvrat Comics bring you into the 3rd issue of Adventures of Dartman.

Astronaut Highschooler

Somewhere on Earth, there is a hero who wields a baseball bat, a pair of bowling shoes, and the unimaginable power to protect Earth.

Shaman’s Destiny Issue 1

One man, one destiny, and a rabbit?! Taurus Comics brings to you their first issue of Shaman’s Destiny!

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