On the 4th Day of Seermas…

How I started a comic book company

Hello fellow readers/followers, I’m Greg Moquin. I’m the creator of a graphic novel called The Seer Chronicles. I’m also the CVO of SeerNova Comics LLC heading to your preferred device within a few months’ time. Now, this didn’t start overnight, it all started from one small idea circulating in my head which transformed into what I’m excited to show the world. I’ll take you all back to how it began and show how I started a comic book company.

The Year Was 2014…

I’m in a rut with money issues and just not happy with anything going on in my life aside from my friends and family. Now in my 20s I finally got a job after being jobless for months on end. One night I’m sitting at my grandmother’s house in her living room. My brothers are talking about their jobs and how they found what they wanted to do with their lives. I told her my new job was okay for the time being. We then went to the topic of what would I like to do in life. I wasn’t someone that enjoyed college, but I had a gut feeling I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I was reaching for something that was there, but I didn’t know it until later that night.

The Night an Idea was Born

Later that night I was watching TV, well had it on for background noise. I was on my laptop looking through old documents I had saved in a folder that was for a band that never happened. I had over 70 songs I’ve written; It then hit me, all this time the answer was right in my face. Writing, I love writing I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner so I opened up word and was just staring at the blank page when suddenly an idea popped in my head. Suddenly words started dripping from my fingertips onto the virtual page. So, as time went on and hours became days I always made time to write a few chapters. After writing a few chapters this book I have would be way better in comic book form. Once I came to the realization of turning the story into a comic I kept coming up with new plots and characters. When I got to the end I didn’t want it to end. It had a great ending, but there is more to the story there has to be so I broke it up into a trilogy.
Character Naming
John Benson AKA The Seer (Left) Patrick Ryan AKA Siper (Right)

My Writing Origins

I first figured out how much I liked writing when I was in 7th grade and my class had to create a narrative story of 15 pages of anything we can think of. I started writing about myself and a couple of friends getting locked inside a mall and the security guard was trying to kill us. As I kept writing I passed 15 pages. My friend Ryan did as well and we started to compete on how many pages we could do both finished at 85 pages for our stories for that project in composition notebooks. We both got extra credit. During the process of writing more people were asking if they could somehow be in the story. I added them in and they were excited to just be part of something. So, when I look back if I wasn’t in Mr. Carter’s 7th grade English class I might’ve never figured out what I’d actually love doing.

A wallpaper of some of our characters in The Seer Chronicles. (Also, this is a perk on our Indiegogo)

The Year is 2016…

I found my perfect ending to the story which blossomed into a trilogy. After getting some help to edit it I created a Craigslist ad. The ad was for finding artists and a guy by the name of Dillon responded to the ad. He became the first person to start my new crusade. I wanted to not only create a comic or two I wanted to create a new comic book company.

Now how are you going to start a comic book company?

  • First, sit down and think of an idea for a story
  • Alright, you got the story now create a plot for the story
  • Now make another story, and another, etc.
  • Holy shit you have a few different stories for your comics, but wait you can’t draw for the life of you!
  • Go searching for an artist, doesn’t need to be Stan Lee status.
  • Now the fun part, research the best option for you to get an LLC
  • Pay the lawyer once you get the LLC (yes, it’s going to cost a bit to start up obviously)
  • Hire a few more artists to help create your comics
  • Spread the word on social media, maybe create a crowdfunding campaign
  • BOOM! You got yourself a comic book company.

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