SNP Ep. 104- The Patch Adams of Comics

The Patch Adams of Comics

In Ep. 104 of our SNP (SeerNova Podcast) we talk to the Patch Adams of comics, Russell Allen about comics 4 kids, his upcoming Kickstarter which is one of the same. His comic CatCat and Piggy Girl is the Kickstarter he is launching that coincides with Comics 4 Kids. We also dive deep into some heartfelt moments and end it on a high note with some laughs.

Why is he the Patch Adams of Comics? Russell along with others involved with Comics 4 Kids is giving sick kids in hospitals the chance to read a comic they can also take part in.

His upcoming comic release the kids the opportunity to join in on the fun! They will be able to be in the comics! A lot of creators use the likeness of contributors to a campaign as a reward tier. Each story of CatCat and Piggy Girl will be about other kids and them gaining powers from their stuffed animals.

Laughs and a Heartfelt Moment

This episode takes a bit of a rollercoaster ride of emotion. See we talk about sick kids in hospitals reading and enjoying comics. While talking about this Russell pulls on the heartstrings. He wants this campaign to fund so badly. Obviously, every creator wants this, but he wants to do so to give as many kids as possible comics. On the flip side of Ep. 104 we laugh about another Kickstarter Russell has going on that was a joke, but it has been funded to check that out click here!

To watch this episode in full click the video above or if you’d like to listen to it click here!

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