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INK 2: Homecoming (Issue #2)


Product Details:

Title: INK 2: Homecoming – Issue #2

Author: Greg Moquin

Illustrator: Adam Fields

Colorist: Febri Ferdian

Letterer: Jerome Gagnon

Editor: Dillon Mysliwiec

Publisher: SeerNova Comics

Product Description:

Continue the thrilling journey with “INK 2: Homecoming,” the second issue in the captivating 3-part arc by SeerNova Comics. Created by Greg Moquin, with stunning illustrations by Adam Fields, vibrant colors by Febri Ferdian, and impeccable lettering by Jerome Gagnon, this comic is a visual and narrative triumph.

Three years have passed since Shane’s nightmare became a reality. After receiving training, Shane returns home with newfound powers and a mission to protect his world. As he reconnects with old friends and faces new enemies, Shane’s past and present collide in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

This issue dives deeper into Shane’s transformation and his battle against the mysterious cult known as The Faceless. When his neighbor Brittany goes missing under sinister circumstances, Shane must chase down leads and find the cult’s lair to rescue her before time runs out.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Gripping Storyline: Follow Shane’s return and his fight against an underground cult.
  • Stunning Artwork: Adam Fields’ illustrations and Febri Ferdian’s colors create a visually immersive experience.
  • Complex Characters: Dive deeper into Shane’s journey and the people who shape his destiny.
  • High Stakes: Intense action and suspense that keeps you hooked from start to finish.
  • Exclusive Indie Comic: A unique addition to your collection from the innovative minds at SeerNova Comics.

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Grab your copy of “INK: Homecoming – Issue #2” today and immerse yourself in a world where secrets and reality collide in a spectacular tale of mystery and adventure!

Cover Variations

Cover A, Cover B, Cover C, Cover D, Cover E, Variant Cover


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