Pop Culture Takes A Critical Hit-SNP Ep.109

In Ep.109 of our SeerNova Podcast (SNP) we talk with Chris Sahloff about his journey in creating his comic series C.R.I.T. Pop culture takes a critical hit when we trash talk Star Wars, The Batman (a bit), and much more!


Among the various topics in episode 109, we chat a little bit about where Chris is with his comic series C.R.I.T. He talks about lettering and another project he is working on for Pharos Creative Studios. Chris also talks about C.R.I.T. coming to a close and what that means for him.

Pop Culture Takes A Critical Hit

Most of this episode is us having a blast talking to one another and geeking out on pop culture while also trash-talking a few things like Star Wars, The Batman, and more!

To listen to Ep.109 click here! To Watch it click the video above!

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