Planning, Feelings, and Struggles: Kickstarter

Planning, Feelings, and Struggles:

There are two types of creators when launching a Kickstarter. The 1st type is they come out of nowhere and say to their audience, “Go back my Kickstarter!” The problem is…they never announced they were launching a Kickstarter in the first place. Not only is their audience confused, but that creator is going to be very confused because they are wondering where all their backers are. The creator comes to terms with their audience not actually caring, but in reality…it’s the creator who is at fault because they didn’t plan out their Kickstarter the correct way. To do so check out our post here.
Now the 2nd creator tells their audience, “Our Kickstarter is LIVE!” The difference with this scenario is the audience for that creator is completely aware of their Kickstarter because that creator planned their Kickstarter launch out, but during the planning process, there is a flood of feelings and struggles creators go through when launching a Kickstarter.


Planning a Kickstarter takes a lot of work! When launching a Kickstarter you can’t just decide one day to launch one out of nowhere. Don’t rush it! Don’t go to and fill out the necessary info then launch it the same day without telling your audience which should be the first to know! Plan out your campaign! If you want to learn how to plan out your campaign go here. If you need a following first then go here. While planning a Kickstarter there is a flood of feelings that will occur as well, but don’t worry you’re human…well aren’t you?


Feelings. We all have them, well if you are living…But if you’re dead you shouldn’t be able to read this…unless you’re a zombie! EVERYONE KILL THE ZOMBIE! Alright, where was I?…Oh, right, feelings. Throughout life, you have to deal with these things called feelings. One thing that will definitely spark your feelings to a crazy level is running a Kickstarter.


Struggles are a common staple in running a Kickstarter. There’s no way around them, but it’s how you overcome those struggles is the key to either pushing through to a successful end of your campaign or use new marketing tactics or reaching out to PR outlets on the fancy inter-webs that are niche to your campaign. To market your Kickstarter you can watch episode 10 of our podcast on YouTube.
Now to reach to more people that could’ve been done if you built up a following, but let’s say you used up all of your followers and they’ve been super supportive by sharing and liking everything about the campaign and you don’t know where to turn. Well, done back another Kickstarter and creators of each campaign help each other out a bit which can be good, but don’t get mad if they receive your comic or game or whatever and aren’t a fan. They don’t need to be a fan of your work after they see the final product and it didn’t flow with them so don’t give them an attitude about it.
Finally, PR can help you! Research blogs and PR outlets related to your niche and ask them if they can write about your campaign. Hell, sometimes they come to you! Have a press kit ready or at least pieces of your campaign laid out in a document so they can read what’s it about and where to find it.


Kickstarter can be hard, but using all the resources out there can really help you out and at the end that will control your feelings, struggles, and help your planning throughout the beginning, middle and end of your campaign.

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