"Now Hiring": Promoting Indie Creators

“Now Hiring”: Promoting Indie Creators

Hiring indie artists
Though we say we are “now hiring” and we are a company and looking to hire people in the future let me be crystal clear, these jobs are all to support the indie revolution. What do I mean exactly? Well our city map that is closing in on appearing on the site in the coming month(s) is going to be a full blown interactive experience that connects with reading our comics. So, when I say now hiring I mean for indie talented creators for the map and well a few other avenues as well like The Indie Store.

The City Map

City Map creation
The process of making our city map

To make the map a full blown interactive experience we are looking to promote indie creators like: indie creators which can be broken down multiple ways for example, graffiti artists, musicians, indie artists in general, writers as well. These are just some of the indie creators we are looking to “hire” for our universe.

Indie Artists

Graffiti Art

You might be an indie artist reading this and wondering how in the hell can you promote my art? What we have in mind is some next level promotion. Let’s say you’re an indie artist and specialize in graffiti art. First of course ask permission for your art to be displayed in our universe. Next, we will place your art throughout our city map on walls, public transportation like a train or subway train.  



If you are wickedly great at storytelling and putting words to paper listen up this is where you come in, writers. Your works of literature such as fiction, non-fiction, sci-fiction, etc. All of these can be promoted within our universe in multiple ways like our libraries, and much more!


Promoting musicians

Are you a musician? Well tune in because this is going to blow you away. The city map is going to have a radio function in the map. You can listen to indie musicians while you surf through the multiple radio stations that will be included. Not only will your music be played on the radio, but if you allow us the permission we will sell your albums within our indie store and those that want to buy the CD or mp3 in the map it will sell through our store. We also will have band/rap/pop artist posters up around the cities in our map!

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