The Seer Chronicles: Origins Kickstarter

The Seer Chronicles: Origins Kickstarter

September 2nd, 2019 

Schenectady, NY

The Seer Chronicles: Origins is about a firefighter that goes into a building and is later reborn after being left for dead.

A firefighter by the name John Benson arrives on the scene of a fire at a research lab called Psycorp Labs. Psycorp Labs is a research lab where a ton of strange and unethical research happens. There are protestors that are against the lab and their practices, but that is mentioned later in the story. The comic begins with a fire breaking out at Psycorp Labs. When SCFD (Seer City Fire Department) arrives on the scene one firefighter goes in to save someone after a chemist by the name Paul Litzos runs out yelling, “Someone is still in there!” John Benson runs in to save that person which is a janitor by the name Bill. As he is trying to save the janitor the building collapses on them both. A few hours later John Benson is later reborn with strange abilities and a volcanic skin-like layer that hides under his actual epidermis once he is fully healed. As soon as he is reborn he has more questions than answers. How’d that chemist make it out of the building just in time? Why was John of all people reborn? What are his abilities? How did he get these abilities? How’d the fire start? There are so many questions, but of course, because all of this links to a conspiracy!

What is funding going to?

If we reach our goal on our Kickstarter we will be paying the letterer that updated the lettering, printing costs, Kickstarter fees, costs for rewards like our Reborn poster, paying the artist that made our variant cover that is another reward, and a little wiggle room just in case our math is a little off.

Who are we? Why should you care?

We are SeerNova Comics LLC. We started to create indie comics in August 2017 and we are looking to branch out in the future to other mediums of escapism. We are currently running this Kickstarter which is for the deluxe edition of our first comic The Seer Chronicles: Origins. We not only have our own universe of unique comics and characters, but we have a digital platform for other indie comic creators to showcase their comics or written works.
Contact us if interested to learn more.


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