How to Earn More Money as a Comic Book Artist or Writer

How to Earn More Money as a Comic Book Artist or Writer

There’s a problem creators go through and that is, getting compensated for their work. If you’re a creator of any kind this will help you figure out how to pay creators for their work.

Digital VS. Print

How to earn more money as a comic book artist or writer at first put out comics digitally which takes out the cost of printing them. Having to print comics cost an arm and a leg. Instead put out comics digitally and once there is enough extra money and the decision pops in your noggin go ahead and print them, but make sure to research printing presses beforehand! When printing you’d drop $100 on the artist for a comic and then pay for printing, but take printing out of the equation and boom right there money can be spent more on paying the creator(s). Digital comics however don’t need any printing cost it just needs effort to be uploaded to the internet. What to pay the creators is up to you! I’d research A LOT before entering the process of asking for a creator to help.
This gofundme was started to help raise money to pay two of our artists to bring to you 2 full length comics! You don’t need to donate, though it is appreciated! Sharing our link on social media would be pretty amazing as well!

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